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A Heavenly Hello from Gigi and the Angels

Av Mayamama - 1 maj 2009 13:40

Hello my Angel Friends!

Our Angels are a bridge between us and our Creator.  They try (providing we are open and let them) to communicate a feeling of a "higher vibrational reality" to us.  Everyone who has been touched by an Angel in some way -- be it through a sign or an act of help or rescue -- experiences a feeling of sweetness, wonder and peace.  We feel that something unusual happened, something from a better place, something we would love to experience frequently.

Alas, Angel's can't make our world a better place without our help.  We have to do the work.  That's our collective calling, our collective life purpose for living on this planet.  How can we begin to do this on an individual level?

Maybe we can start, gently, by assuming a new response to some old patterns.  Maybe instead of becoming angry, resentful or bitter in a situation where we have been wronged, we choose to rise above "right and wrong."  Maybe we choose not to enter into the conflict but rise above the conflict.  This is an Act of Free Will.  By choosing to do so we disassociate ourselves with the lower energies that are incompatible with the higher energies of serenity and peace.  This may be difficult at times, and it may not always work, but it is our way to become co-creators of our world.

Be patient with yourself on this amazing journery.  Don't even call it "forgiveness," call it "neutrality." Just tell yourself to try it once.  Take small steps, but know that you are walking a holy path.  By choosing peace you are giving yourself and the world a miraculous gift.  It's an energetic gift that shifts your life energies in a way for miracles to happen.

Do you have a wish that never came true?  By choosing peace over the concept of "right and wrong" you rise to a higher vantage point, closer to a place of "all possibilities," closer to surprises and miracles.  Your Angels will be with you every step of the way on this journey.  It's up to you to take it...  Need any assistance to talk to your Angel?  Give me a call at (949) 859-1943.


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