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My dear Angel Friends, July 2009

Ideally, summer is the season for outdoor fun, playfulness and magic, and our Angels are in complete agreement for us to have lots of it.  Having fun does not mean to neglect our responsibilities, but rather to include playfulness and magic along with our duties in the midst of every-day-life.

If you agree to participate in some angelic summer fun, our Angels LOVE to confirm their presence to us in their playful, lighthearted ways.  Angels love to use a myriad of tools to break through to us.  We WE need to invite them.

Take a deep breath, smile, and say to your Angel (it's great to know his/her name), "Please, my Angel, I'm asking you for a sign."  You may be specific and ask to find a coin, a beautiful feather, see a rainbow, a certain number sequence on a liscense plate, hear a special song or have a meaningful messag pop up on your computer.  My friend Charles in New York asked his Angel for a $20.00 bill and promptly found one the next day on a crowded subway platform.  Another friend of mine found a meaningful message mysteriously scribbled on a paper coaster in a restaurant.  The stories are endless.  As for myself, I recently said to my Angel, "Look, Wilhelm, I haven't heard from you in a long time.  Are you still with me?  I'm open to receive a sign from you, and I'm not going to make this difficult for you.  I'd be happy to find a beautiful white feather, see a rainbow or an angel-shaped cloud formation in the sky, or find a nice shiny coin, well, maybe something a bit more valuable than a quarter."

I trusted Wilhelm and forgot about my request.  Once you ask, it's important to let your request go.  If you obsess about receiving a sign, you are blocking your Angel's creativity and most likely nothing will happen.   This is a great lesson of letting go (for all kinds of requests) and to accept the fact that your expectations might interfere with what the universe truly has in store for you. It might be something better!

Wilhelm was no longer on my mind when a few days later I found a beautiful, shiny ring on the pavement.  It's a silver ring with a semi precious stone and it fits my finger perfectly.  Instantly I "knew" that it was a gift from Wilhelm.  (Later I dutifully called the local lost-and-found office but no one has yet claimed the ring.)

The moment you receive your "sign from above," you just know it and you know that it isn't a coincidence.  You feel a rush of amazement, time stands still for a moment and you feel transported into a different reality, if only for a second or two.  Now say, "Thank you, my Angel, thank you for your sign and your presence in my life."  And then you go on this your day.  Suddenly it's a different kind of day.  You feel the magic of being alive and protected by the angelic realm.  You suddenly have more energy, you smile, you are having fun.  It's all between you and your Angel.... just give it a try.

My dear Angel Friends, September 2009

It's always a bit of a melancholy feeling when summer fades out, like a gradual shift from an extroverted to an introverted mind set.  Maybe it's time to ask your Angels' assistance for new possibilities and openings for the fall.  This means something different for each of us, but our Angels are willing to help, providing we invite them.

Sometimes when I'm asked, "What happens in an Angel reading?" the answer is not easily given between 3 floors in an elevator or even in a small-talk party environment.  But I'd like to invite you to take a moment for my thoughts about our work with the Angels.

Primarily, in an Angel reading you are put in touch with your personal Guardian Angel.  This Angel vibrates in your energy field to guide, protect and comfort you in any given situation.  You learn the specific gifts that your Angel brings to you at this point in your life.  This may be the gift of courage, higher self-esteem, clarity about your life situation or the (not so popular) gifts of endurance and patience.

An Angel reading is not necessarily about the question of how much money is coming your way, or when you will meet your soul-mate, although it could.  An Angel reading is an invitation and a map for inner transformation.  You are being shown a way out of an impasse which is mostly connected to your ego.  This transformation, if recognized and accepted, may at first require a leap of faith of some sort.  But under the disguise of change and chaos your Angel will lead you intelligently to a new awareness and an awakening of who you are at this moment.  You look around and see what no longer serves you, and you shed your old skin, like a snake, into a new inner life.

A shift in awareness is always followed by a shift in your physical reality.  Or expressed another way:  All matter originates from Spirit.  Your Guardian Angel (whose energy is not only protective and loving, but also intelligent and creative) wants to help you to be the best you can be, to help you use your body/mind/spirit connection in a synergy of harmony and well-being.

In the rush of daily life we become unbalanced.  Our Angels understand our physical reality and try to help us separate our problems from our higher purpose.  Would you like to have some help with this?  I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 




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