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Av Mayamama - 15 januari 2009 08:30

Känner att det är dags för ytterligare några ord om änglar. Dessa handlar om healing och är som förut från G i Amerikat!


"This Angel message comes a bit out of schedule, but Archangel Raphael is standing behind me, looking over my shoulder, urging me to write.  His message is about healing.  So much healing is needed in our world at large as well as in our small world around us.  Our doctors and health practitioners are wonderful and they have many answers.  However, why not invite additional help, the heavenly help of Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Raphael is in charge of all health and healing situations in this world.  He is God's "Senior V.P in the Department of Health," if you allow me to use this kind of vocabulary.  His name means "The One Who Heals." Very often Archangel Raphael is painted or depicted in the color green, the color related to the forces of nature, growth and healing.  He has beautiful big wings and is wearing a wide, flowing cape.  Please imagine that he enfolds every one who is put in his charge under this cape.  (And now some of you already know what I'm going to say need to ask Raphael for this to happen... Ask, ask, ask!)

If you are in need of healing yourself, envision yourself being lovingly enfolded in his cape.  You don't need to be terribly sick in order to ask, even a little headache will qualify.  Just say, "This headache bothers me.  Please Archangel Raphael, take me into your care.  I'm handing this headache over to you.  I trust you.  Thank you for healing me."

See what happens. Archangel Raphael's healing happens on a high frequency that is beyond our limited human understanding.  It's o.k to say to yourself, I don't understand what's happening here, but I surrender myself (or a loved one) to the loving care and healing of Raphael.

The trick is to let go of your anxieties or your compulsion to "do it all by yourself."  The more we surrender to a healing power beyond our comprehension, the better Archangel Raphael can work for us.  Don't give Raphael "a script how to heal." Let him do it in his own surprising way.

In addressing Archangel Raphael you may say, "Archangel Raphael, I am asking for your help for L. Thank you for healing L's (headaches, stomach upset, stiff knees...)  As I am letting go of my worries, I am surrendering L into your care.  Thank you for enfolding her and taking her into your miraculous realm of healing."

You may say a similar prayer for yourself.  Sometimes it's harder to ask for yourself than for someone else.  Do it anyway. Ask. Ask for yourself and a loved one. "Something" will happen."

Av Mayamama - 14 januari 2009 12:00


Tänkte nu skriva litet om det som också är viktigt för mig men som man kanske inte kan prata med alla om ... nämligen det som inte syns men finns ... änglar! Vi har dem runt om oss och vi har även en eller flera som har uppsikt just över dig! Jag har just fått reda på vad min skyddsängel heter genom att fråga och några dagar senare få svar. Det går att kommunicera men man måste vara tålmodig och uppmärksam.

Har en underbar jobbarkompis, M, som i sin tur har en kompis som är litet bättre än många av oss andra att lyssna på sina änglar. Hon brukar skicka ut ett brev då och då för att upplysa oss om just änglar. Tänkte här publicera ett av dem. Det är på engelska, för G bor i USA.

"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly," is an old Irish saying, and our Angels want us to take ourselves "lightly" too.  Because when we are happy and lighthearted, and don't take ourselves too seriously, we move into a "higher" and "lighter" frequency.  We are moving closer to our Angels who themselves vibrate at such a high frequency of light that we cannot see them. In other words, carefree-ness, humor and joy elevate our vibrational level.

This does not mean that if we are truly sad, desperate or exhausted our Angels will leave us.  On the contrary, Angels come to us to comfort and strengthen us in times of difficulty.  But in an ordinary day-to-day situation our Angels tell us that lightheartedness, humor and laughter are the better choice over seriousness or self-pity.

But what do the Angels really mean by carefree-ness and lightheartedness?  It's not as easy as it sounds. We have to do our part to do it right.

A "light" heart is an open heart.  It's ready for new experiences and ideas, like the open heart of a child.  A "light" heart is also a "clear" heart, with clarity in and about your life.  A "light" heart is also a "wise" heart.  It has a love for wisdom and for living the truth.  A "light" heart is also a "courageous" heart.  It faces its fears and does what needs to be done.  A "light" heart chooses faith over fear.

You see, it's not always easy to live "lightheartedly." My best advice: As with all other cares, hand them over to the Angels.  Ask, ask, ask.  As for myself, I often need a bit of angelic help in the courage department.  Some of you might need to ask for clarity, openness or wisdom.

Here is a little "Angelic Ask-for-Help Directory":

For Openness ask Archangel Sandalphon.  He helps us to be "open" and "open minded" to receive gifts from the universe.

For Clarity ask Archangel Metatron.  He helps us to see clearly and to prioritize.  He can also clear and balance our chakras.

For Courage ask Archangel Michael.  He is the doer and the shaker of the Archangels.  He clears away fear and leads us to find our courage.

For Wisdom ask Archangel Zadkiel.  He is the ultimate teacher of wisdom and spiritual professor.

None of us is ever perfect, but with the support of our heavenly helpers we may be able to "lighten up" and become just a little bit more like them."




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